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Welcome to the old Presto Studios forum, archiving past discussion of The Journeyman Project series of games. For more recent updates, please visit The Journeyman Project Blog, Facebook page or group.
NOTE ABOUT THE OUTAGE: Wow, that was a close call! Powweb Hosting lost ALL my customer records during their "platform migration upgrade", and somehow deleted the whole site. Everything ... even though I was only partway into an annual term. Luckily, no more than a couple days' worth of chatter was lost since I had a backup on hand. It turns out I was among a bunch of users and websites that were negatively impacted by this migration and had to scramble to find new service providers. The disaster could have been worse, but their customer service staff was actually pretty good about trying to root out the source of the problem and get me a refund.

Please excuse the fact that I won't have time to support debugging this server to get the old forum going as I'm a wee bit busy with Robotech stuff right now.